Positive Society - Well-Being Society

- Creating the World we Want to Live in
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The module starts 3rd of March and concludes 31st of March 2023

35 hours

Dr. Dóra Guðrún Guðmundsdóttir, course director, Bridget Grenville-Cleave, dr. Felicia Huppert, Vanessa King, David Roffey, dr. Sue Roffey and Marten de Vries.

The course takes place in real-time, online via Zoom.
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This module is compatible with a module in the diploma program in positive psychology and the science of well-being. Here it is offered as a separate module in English. The module is open for everyone interested.

This module is designed to provide students with the theoretical tools to understand what a positive society could be like. It is based on the book: Creating the world we want to live in – How Positive Psychology Can Build a Brighter Future. With widening gaps in wealth, health, education and employment, climate change; increasing individualism and nationalism fuelled by a ‘post-fact’, divisive media – we need to reflect on how we can reverse this slide towards fragmented communities and divided societies.

For many individuals, the speed of life and overload at work is leaving little time for all that makes life more joyful, meaningful, and worth living. This is exacerbated by social media fuelling ‘fear of missing out’ and negative self-comparison; loneliness even in crowded cities; and young people without a sense of purpose.

The authors of the aforementioned book believe that the science of wellbeing offers a new paradigm to help shape a different future. Drawing on their individual fields of expertise they have gathered ideas for how this emerging body of knowledge might provide the basis for innovation and change. The over-riding themes are to change the focus from what is good for me now, to what is good for all of us in the future. In what ways might the culture of individualism be challenged by a counter-culture of well-being for all?

For the last two decades there has been growing evidence on what human beings need to both feel good and function well. As we emerge now post-pandemic, we have the opportunity re-imagine a better, brighter world informed by this wellbeing science. The authors have explored what this means for our communities, education systems, workplaces, the media, health systems, the economy and beyond. There is evidence too that when we truly flourish so will the planet.

The aim of this module is to bring the science to life and engage hearts as well as minds. In every chapter there are stories of good practice, incidents where ordinary lives have been changed, examples of what has made the difference and some ideas for moving forward. Furthermore, the aim of this module is to provoke conversation and gently challenge possibly long-held views, beliefs, and extant ideologies about the way the world works and the people in that world.

Learning outcomes:
At the end of the module the students should:

Have developed an understanding of possible systemic applications of positive psychology - within economics, politics, education etc.
Have developed a critical perspective on the shortcomings of first and second wave positive psychology, and the need for the systemic application of positive psychology.
Have developed a critical understanding of sustainable well-being.
Be able to esign positive psychology interventions at group/collective level.
Be able to design evidence-based collective solutions to systemic well-being issues at policy level.
Teaching arrangement:
The teaching is comprised of lectures, discussions and project work. The module is divded into five teaching days and is taught the following Fridays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM:
3rd of March
10th of March
17th of March
24 of March
31st of March
Module assessment:
Final project, students design a plan for a Positive Society - Well-being Society.
Who should attend:
The module is open for everyone interested.
Other information:
Students can get the module evaluated as part of the diploma program in positive psychology, if they are accepted to the program.


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Positive Society - Well-Being Society


<span class="fm-plan">This module is compatible with a module in the diploma program in positive psychology and the science of well-being. Here it is offered as a separate module in English. The module is open for everyone interested.</span>