Blágrænar ofanvatnslausnir: Framhaldsnámskeið 1

Designing of SuDS - Introduction to SuDS components and design
Verð 60.400 ISK
Aðeins 3 sæti laus

Thu. 30th of March at 12:30 - 16:30 hrs.

4 klst.

Dr. Tarek Zaqout, PhD in Environmental Engineering

Endurmenntun, Dunhaga 7.


In cooperation with Alta consulting and Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Iceland.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), also known as Blue Green Infrastructure (BGI), are considered an important measure to make cities more resilient against intense floods associated with climate change. Many SuDS involve green areas or water bodies, and as such, provide additional amenities, like increasing well being, promoting biodiversity. Overall, SuDS are a core element of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal nr. 11 of climate resilient cities, that safeguard green spaces and natural heritage.

This class is intended for people who have basic knowledge of SuDS but would like to strengthen their skills in designing and implementing SuDS, whether it is for on-site (within a building lot) or large area (e.g. new neighborhood or retrofitting an old neighborhood) implementation.

The class starts with an introduction to the SuDS management train and SuDS components. Thereafter, the functions of different types of SuDS elements, the type of catchment they can be employed at, and their overall performance will be discussed using the CIRIA SuDS manual and, we will look at the four main groups, i.e.:

Source control (green roofs, permeable pavements, rainwater harvesting)
On-site control (ponds, rain gardens, permeable pavements, filter strips)
Slow transport (swales, infiltration trenches, bioretention cells)
Downstream control (large ponds, wetlands, infiltration basins)

Lastly, we will apply the CIRIA SuDS manual to successfully design, construct, and operate two different types of SuDS elements throughout their operational lifetime. We will cover design considerations and steps, hydrologic and hydraulic principles, plant and vegetation selection, operations, and maintenance. The instructor will go over these steps for grassed swale that convey water on municipal land. The participants will then follow by repeating the process for bioretention cells. Lastly, the instructor will briefly discuss some of the limitations of the CIRIA Design manual, e.g., with regards to cold climate.

Learning outcomes
Participants can navigate publicly available information to choose the appropriate SuDS elements
Participants understand the role and design principles of different SuDS components
Participants understand the basic steps needed in designing SuDS in an urban area
Participants can size a swale and bioretention cell using CIRIA Manual and other sources including cold climate considerations
Dr. Tarek Zaqout received a PhD in Environmental Engineering in 2022. His thesis research focused on evaluating the performance of SuDS implemented in Urriðaholt, Garðabær. Tarek holds a Masters in Water Resources Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, and worked at a consultant‘s office in Ditzingen, Germany on urban drainage systems design and implementation in the urban environment including SuDS.

Additional information
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Blágrænar ofanvatnslausnir: Framhaldsnámskeið 1