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PEERS for Young Adults

- Social Skills Training for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Social Challenges
Afsláttur af námskeiðsgjaldi.
Last day of registration is 13th of August
Standard registration fee 197.900 ISK 179.900 ISK

Wed.- Fri. 13th - 15th of September from 9:00 - 17:00 hrs. (3x)

24 hours

Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, Founder & Director, UCLA PEERS® Clinic PEERS® Curriculum Developer

Endurmenntun, Dunhaga 7.


The PEERS® for Young Adults Certified Training Seminar provides a model and material for evidence-based social skills instruction for young adults with autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression and other social challenges. Skills related to making and keeping friends, developing and maintaining romantic relationships, and handling conflict and rejection will be covered. This training is certified by the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior and is conducted by the PEERS® program developer, Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson.


Training will be provided across 3 days (24 hours total of training) and includes training videos of social skills groups, role-play demonstrations of targeted skills, telehealth materials including power point slides highlighting each lesson, clinical and research materials, and didactic instruction on how to successfully implement PEERS® for Young Adults. Bonus materials include telehealth slides for PEERS® for Adolescents and the PEERS® School-Based intervention.

The training will enable professionals to implement this 16-week caregiver-assisted program as PEERS® Certified Providers. Attendees will learn about the friendship and social difficulties common to young adults with autism spectrum disorder and other social challenges, while receiving comprehensive instruction on how to implement young adult social skills groups and concurrent social coaching groups, where caregivers are taught how to provide social coaching for their young adults in natural social settings.


The PEERS® for Young Adults Certified Training Seminar is designed exclusively for psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, speech and language pathologists, BCBAs, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, researchers, mental health professionals, medical professionals, and educators who are interested in learning to implement PEERS® in their practice.

Topics of Instruction

How to use appropriate conversational skills.
How to find and choose appropriate friends and romantic partners.
How to appropriately use electronic forms of communication.
How to appropriately use humor and assess humor feedback.
How to start, enter, and exit conversations with peers.
How to organize successful get-togethers with friends.
How to handle arguments and disagreements with friends and romantic partners.
How to handle rejection, teasing, bullying, and rumors/gossip.
How to let someone know you like them romantically.
How to ask someone on a date.
How to accept rejection of turn someone down when dating.
How to handle dating pressure from a romantic partner.


Anyone is welcome to attend the training and receive instruction on the PEERS® intervention. However, all attendees seeking certification MUST be a professional or graduate student in a related field (e.g., mental health professionals, medical professionals, social workers, speech and language pathologists, BCBAs, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, researchers, and educators).

Attendee qualifications must be submitted to and approved by the UCLA PEERS® Clinic prior to the training in order to ensure certification. Attendees who DO NOT meet these qualifications may receive of certificate of training but will not be PEERS® Certified Providers.

Þeir þátttakendur sem sækjast eftir því að verða PEERS® Certified Providers (sjá skilyrði) þurfa að senda inn staðfest prófskírteini og leyfisbréf á fyrir 25. ágúst 2023.
Þátttakendur þurfa að hafa með sér bókina: The PEERS Curriculum for School-Based Professionals. Hún verður fáanleg í Bóksölu stúdenta á Háskólatorgi.
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PEERS for Young Adults