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Kóreska fyrir byrjendur I

Afsláttur af námskeiðsgjaldi.
Last day of early registration is 7th of January
Standard registration fee 49.300 ISK 44.800 ISK

Mon. and Thu. 17th of Jan. - 10th of Feb. at 17:15 - 19:15 hrs. (8x)

16 hours

Somyeong Im, certified Korean language teacher

Endurmenntun, Dunhaga 7.


Námskeiðið er ætlað öllum áhugasömum um kóresku. Athugið að kennsla fer fram á ensku og kóresku.

Korean I
This course is intended for anyone who is interested in learning Korean language. It covers the most essential Korean grammar and vocabulary to help you develop basic skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The course will also introduce you to culture and everyday life in Korea, which is closely related to the language.

Topics covered:
Basic Korean grammar and vocabulary.
Hangul, the Korean alphabet.
Culture and everyday life in Korea.

What you will learn:
You will learn to introduce yourself and maintain basic face-to-face conversations in Korean (e.g., in daily life and when traveling).
You will learn to read and write Hangul.
You will learn about Korean culture and daily life in Korea, which will help you improve your language skills.

Who should attend:
Anyone who is interested in learning Korean and wants to build a solid foundation for Korean language skills is welcome. No prior knowledge is required.

Somyeong Im is a certified Korean language teacher with a M.Ed. degree in Korean as a Foreign Language and B.A. in Japanese and German Linguistics. She has been teaching Korean as a second/foreign language since 2018.

Other information:
Course materials and handouts will be provided. No preparation is required. This course is taught in English and Korean.


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Kóreska fyrir byrjendur I