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Námskeið er góð gjöf! | KAUPA GJAFABRÉF

Fri. 7th and Sat. 8th of October 9:00 - 17:00 hrs.

16 hours

Bernhard Trenkle, Dipl.Psych., Dipl.Wi.-Ing.

Endurmenntun, Dunhaga 7.


In collaboration with the International Society of Hypnosis and Dáleiðslufélag Íslands

A compact Introduction intended for health professionals. A seminar for advanced beginners and beginning advanced therapists.

The course offers a profound first insight and learning of Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy, and is also useful for therapsists who are considering further training and qualification in this field.

The workshop on this topic has benn running since 1975 and has been continuously developed since 1983 based on feedback from over 300 seminar groups. Participants can expect a solid and humorous introduction to the possibilities of hypnotherapy.

The program covers

Fundamentals and basic principles of Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy
The technique of trance induction
Self-hypnosis techniques
Indirect suggestion techniques
Avoidance of resistance
Utilization approach and goal-oriented psychotherapy
Medical hypnosis: pain, blood pressure, tinnitus, allergies, psycho-oncology, etc.
Case studies, exercises
Overview of the therapeutic repertoire of Ericksonian hypno- and psychotherapy.

Who should enroll
Participants must be healthcare professionals, for example physicians, psychologists, social workers, midwives, speech therapists, specialized nurses, of physiotherapists.

Bernhard Trenkle, Dipl Psych., Dipl.Wi.-Ing. teaches hypnotherapy regularly throughout Europe, South Africa and China (via Beijing University and DCAP). He is the bestselling author of The Ha-Ha Handbook of Psychotherapy: A seriously funny collection of jokes, currently available in Germany, USA, Russia, Italy and soon in China, Poland, and other countries. He has also published books on self-hypnosis training and a book of metaphors, and is editor of the German edition of Milton Erickson’s collected papers and several other books.


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<span class="fm-plan">A compact Introduction intended for health professionals. A seminar for advanced beginners and beginning advanced therapists.</span>